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TEFL Art helps teachers find positions abroad and gives training to begin an online business just like this one. I'm always delighted to be in touch with teachers like you that want to teach around the world either for a year or more whatever meets your requirements to travel and teach. I've designed my training for you to own your own business with various training videos to support my advice from my opt-In of motivational material from where you can read about the various aspects about teaching English online and setting up your own business to suit the hours you want to teach online. Some teachers want to advance to become a recruiter and run their own business which is great if your connected to the right training to do so such as mine as you can see on this website.

I've been thinking about recruitment as a great way to build a business for some years and even train others that want a website and recruitment portal just like this one. You can Opt-In for my motivational training here and at no cost. Other training courses will be available when you have read my opt-in material as I reach out to you about setting up an online business with training videos and course content.

I have taught English at various locations abroad for some years before returning home to set up a business and be involved with the training aspect of helping people. TEFL Art is a fully legalised registered business for those that want to either teach or run a business as a teacher and/or work as an agency. In my training you can learn about lots of business set up needs and requirements and begin something as simple as a landing page to attract your teachers and students with my training for an in depth course for business development.

Through teaching online you can learn far more than teaching in the classroom, however it's an enlightening method of spending time abroad and learning but it’s not going to get you started up in a business as fast as possible to get you teaching from wherever you want online. I suppose it’s a great way of teaching in front of class but doesn't offer as much of a future to travel and become an owner of your own business in recruitment, teaching online yourself or becoming perhaps an agency in the future.



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