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There Video Uploadis nothing better than creating a five-minute video message to reach your audience with your thoughts and adventures of being a teacher or someone that wants to venture into teaching English as a Foreign Language in general. Schools love to see their prospective teachers in reality or at least on a video because they can understand a teacher's personality better and of course how a teacher presents his/her self as a person. It's more creative and places the teacher in front of competitors in finding the better-paid jobs with great contracts and also it brings excitement to a school when they already know who they are picking up at the airport for the first day of the contract. Click The Pick!

General Requirements

You must be an English speaking native for our service and have a non-criminal record and you need to have no major health problems that will make your teaching difficult for you and it's within our best interests to protect a teacher's health and welfare at all times. It's within our best interest however to except teachers with disabilities as long as it is highlighted in the video message if it's personal then please inform us on your resume.

TEFL Teachers Read On!

Teachers, it's a fantastic idea to have your video listed with us for our schools to look at and make notes on which job might best suit your personality and of course, the content of the video will reflect on what you're really looking for in teaching and the prefered locations you wish to teach. Below we have listed a few tips to assist you in the creation of your video profile and start you on your way to attracting the schools that best suit your requirements.

Five Tips & Tricks for Video Messages

1. Present yourself in a comfortable environment and don't be over formal as schools want to view you in a comfortable frame of mind and see that in person your relaxed and enjoying your search for teaching positions. Be fun and at most always look and sound positive for your audience. Don't be nervous and let's face it you can make ten videos before you know at least one of them has caught your own attention and the nerves have well flown away.

2. Be yourself and show your audience that you're really looking forward to teaching again, or tell them it's your first teaching position and your excited to teach and assist students the best you can to achieve your main goal to produce lessons and attract fantastic students into your class. Schools love a business module such as a teacher that can attract lot's of other students as it shows your ability to place the school ahead of other schools in the form of effort and be noticed and talked about in a good way by others. Believe me, students will pass that message forward for you in record time knowing you're a great teacher.

3. Demo a lesson if your thinking you want to show what a great teacher you are and although this takes time think about breaking down the demo lesson giving fast effective examples of what you would like to teach in a few seconds and show character when your explaining your methods on how your perfect lesson will turn out, basically show quick examples of how you want your students to react to the great content of your lesson plan.

4. Show that you are excited about new cultures, and learning the basics of their language yourself and in your video, you can say hello in their language at the beginning of the video if you know which country you're going to teach in. Learn a few keywords in their language to attract the schools principal's attention that you're willing to learn their language and it's a proven fact a teacher assistant will really be motivated if he/she hears you talk in their language.

5. Most students want to have fun it's rare in Asian countries for example for a student not to be more adaptable to a lesson that is fun and energetic and easy to follow so try to express in the video that your willing to go that extra mile to be an actor for the adults or a clown for the kids that can make them laugh, smile and most of all learn from your great lessons. Make your video reflect on your personality and depending on the level you wish to teach at above all give a brief talk about why you want to teach at that level and what you can achieve for the school, the students and most importantly yourself. (In your video prove to them your going to be their role-model)

Don't publish your video on the internet in public, let us create a portfolio for you with our Professional Resume Distribution Service because your resume and video will be delivered to us at ESL Teach Abroad for viewing by schools that suit your requirements as an English teacher and we already have the schools in our database that will suit you in making a choice.



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